Robin Upton's Amateur Art Pages

1.  Winter Landscapes

In 2017 I was in UK and towards the end of the year I took the time to try out oil pastel landscapes, which was a first for me. Here are some of my efforts, together with a couple of older WInter scenes for contrast.


2.  Representational

I love landscapes and these are my preferred subjects. Rarely having mountains available to draw, I generally draw trees and skies, occasionally using man made structures to heighten the beauty of nature.



3.  Canley Sunsets

Starting from 1996, I drew the same view in Coventry, UK over 100 times, mainly A2 or A3 but occasionally larger. This was a good exercise and became a social venue as I taught children to draw who would meet me there. I still draw it when I can gather the time together and am in the neighbourhood.



4.  Abstract

I haven't done much of this lately, perhaps because I'm much better at expressing myself to others than I used to be. Anyway, here is some for the record.



I don't make much time to sketch these days ...:(
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