Robin Upton's Art - Canley Sunsets

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Light Over Canley (1996) 

[95 minutes, A3]

The picture that started it all...

I later returned to a similar spot and started the Canley Sunsets.

I had an exhibition in Earlsdon Library, sold a few, learnt a lot about the colours of the sky, drew with a lot of local kids, and held my Ph.D. work together.

It taught me a lot and I'm still doing them, although these days I don't have more than about 45 minutes for them...

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Canley Sunset #74 (1997) 

[150 minutes, A1]


These are all in pastel and charcoal pencil. I really got into the clouds in particular. I love doing landscapes because I love nature and because I take a long range view of life - always seeking to get perspective on my environment.