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What is GO ?


GO is a 2-player board game of pure skill, comparable in many ways to chess, but more strategic rather than tactical. It is easy to learn how to play go since the rules are much simpler than chess. One difference is that whilst there exist some really quite strong computer programs to play chess, this is not yet true of go. this inspired my Ph.D. on new methods of programming computers to play games.


My Go Career


 A commented collection of my go games.     


Dango,  An interesting go variant I invented.

Internet Go Resources 

Play on the Internet

Resources on the Internet

o Worldwide Internet Goclub (WING) - telnet

o My page of go links for players and programmers.

o No Name Go Server (NNGS)- telnet 9696.

oGo server etiquette guide: 

o Internet Go Server (IGS) - telnet 6969.

o Read on line.