Robin Upton's Recorded Remarks

Why do I publish my personal quotes on the internet? Well, I hope it's not narcissism - I see it as a means of communicating. If you're really interested in what sort of person I am then read through them. My vanity would have me remove a few, but that would be weaken the communication so here's the entire unexpurgated set of my recorded remarks. A few of them you had to be there or know the people involved, but most should still be significant. Enjoy:)

1991-01-28 You've got to be bloody depressed when you can cheer yourself up by reading VIZ.
1992-05-29 Erst einwerfen, dann aufgeben.
1992-03-08 If I live to get old I'm gonna probably be one cynical old bugger.
1992-08-21 Ich will auf keinen Fall vergessen besonders den Respekt zu erwähnen, den mir die Lehrkräfte und Verwaltungsheinis entgegengebracht haben. (In `Bericht Über meinem 2 Semester langen Aufenthalt an der C.A.U.)
1993-07-07 Welcome to England! (To the Japanese people, at Tocil Lake)
1994-12-22 It's a bullshitocracy, isn't it?
1995-05-13 Who called electrons 'minus'? What a cock up!
1995-06-17 Does Popeye only love Olive Oyl because she's extra virgin?
1995-08-20 The hate of money is the root of all good.
1995-10-02 Don't mention the word `philosophy` if you're looking for a job.
1995-10-11 I appear on the surface to be a fairly normal guy.
1995-12-12 The world would be a better place if people didn't skimp on sleep.
1996-01-02 I think one of the worst things you can give a child is dress sense.
1996-01-14 This [Maxwell's Law:- Curl(H)-dD/dt=J] says something like:- 'If you tip water down a hill, the amount of water that ends up at the bottom is the same as the amount of water that flowed down the hill.'
1996-03-01 He [JMB] says he's having a nice peaceful weekend away from computers.. that's why he's writing this flight simulator.
1996-05-16 Coastline schmostline! It's all about mainlining it!
1996-06-02 Do you know any 80 year olds who spontaneously use the word `vibe` without being prompted?
1996-06-05 That's thirty eight million pounds change.
1996-12-01 Well, anything that gets infinity out of ten is not to be dismissed lightly.
1996-12-05 If the answer is 'At 200 m.p.h. you have no friends.' what is the question?
1997-02-01 Man does not make meaning, man makes illusions and traps for himself.
1997-03-08 'Have you been feeling more confused recently?' (TAM) ... Err, yes, err no!
1997-04-21 ... Poohstones …
1997-05-24 At this point I think we assume James [JMB] is wending his weary way somewhere.
1997-07-26 I think I should take an axe to this chair, because it's not a very good table.
1997-08-22 I don't know the guy [JMB], he's just somebody I know.
1997-11-22 I always think of the ideal world first and the real world second.
1997-11-24 I don't ask where they're from, I just cut their legs off.
1997-12-07 I never see anything that I want, that I haven't already got, except in skips.
1997-12-31 I mean, you know, one man's geek is another man's idol.
1998-03-04 The first material possession I'm going to crave if I become a materialist is a good bed.
1998-03-10 What [thing] is evil? - nuclear weapons, pornographic magazines, they can all be used for good.
1998-04-04 You don't know the meaning of the word 'ignorance'.
1998-04-18 Well we'll have to leave the money aside, seeing as we haven't got any...'(JMB) Well I can just go and print some off - how much do we need?
1998-04-23 Right, unstack that carp.
1998-05-06 People will always laugh at me, it is one of my gifts.
1998-06-27 That is probably not correct English. I mean, my English is dilapidating fast.
1998-10-22 Reality is alive and sending gas bills.
1999-02-01 I shall keep my eyes skinned for toast buttons
1999-03-04 Space has got a grain. It's official.
1999-03-06 If I had kids I don't think it'd be fair to bring 'em up here [in UK] without telly, so I'd bring 'em up somewhere else.
1999-03-17 As long as you express them in bullshit words, you're allowed to have opinions.
1999-03-25 That's what I like - somebody who talks about heuristics for avoiding psychotic heroin addicts.
1999-04-03 I think I've just tabbed into a black hole.
1999-05-11 I wouldn't say it's wasted time. Maybe it is, but I wouldn't say it is. [About IVL's thesis]
1999-06-26 Cynicism is the enemy.
1999-08-01 Nobody literally rips my friends apart and gets away with it.
2000-03-16 Amar nana jibon ache.
2000-04-03 I never believed that what the teachers told me was true.
2000-09-08 I think I've just invented Upton's first Law of Tidying - You can't put everything under your bed.
2000-09-08 Cut to the crap.
2000-09-09 I could have predicted it retrospectively.
2000-10-17 Meine Sekretärin mangelt an Ström im Augenblick.
2000-11-06 E-mail is a chain as well as a bridge.
2000-11-30 We know why the phone's not working. The reason is 'emni'.
2000-12-22 There are no tearing hurries in Bangladesh.
2001-01-13 Time with friends is never wasted.
2001-04-22 I'm a professional amateur, coz you don't get a guarantee but it's cheap.
2001-06-28 AOL is the computer equivalent of DDT… very hard to get out of your system.
2001-08-09 Being good at something is no substitute for being devoted to it.