Research by Robin Upton

Deep Politics ... Reflections on what is going on behind the facade of shallow politics...

2017-07-30WS1 - Exploring The Deep State (ODP) (PPTX) (PDF)
2017-02-14What is the deep state? (MP3)
2010-04-15AE911 - Collapse of Hierarchy

Altruistic Economics ... Economics, Jim, but not as we know it!

Selected Video

2011-12-28A Brief History of Plutocracy (YouTube) (MP3) (금권정치의 역사 )
2010-05-05F2F & the Internet Gift Economy (YouTube) (Economía del don en Internet)
2009-12-28Key Innovations of Altruistic Economics (YouTube) (English Subtitles )

Selected Audio

2013-04-20UG649 - Why Money Will End (And How To Prepare) (MP3 #1) (MP3 #2)
2010-12-17UG551 - Understanding The Financial 'Crisis' (MP3)
2010-08-12UG605 - What Economics Can't Tell You about Money (MP3)
2010-07-25UG543 - The Corruption of Money (MP3)
2010-05-18AE601 - What is wrong with Money? (El problema del dinero) (돈이 어떻게잘못사용되고 있는가?)

Random Thoughts ... on a world in transition.

English Language Teaching

2012-07-23Top 10 Bangladeshi Spoken English Mistakes
2006-01-22The Bangladeshi English Essay Book


2012-02-14How I got involved in the Unwelcome Guests collective (MP3)
2011-11-06Education under Capitalism
2010-06-16How 'Aggressive' became the new 'Professional'... & Why 'Insecure' is the new 'Secure' as a result
2006-07-11Love of Learning
2005-08-16The Future of Developed Society


2004-01-26Inter-Process Communication with Bayesian Distributions
2003-07-03Some Problems of Thinking By Numbers
1998-04-23Dynamic Stochastic Control & Game Theory (Ph.D. Thesis)